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Cook & Chef Institute

  • Integrity, honesty & loyalty. Commitment to The Cook & Chef Institute and all its members. To the work undertaken.

    Social Responsibility & Excellence: Identify what contributes value to society and focus on providing this value in everything we do.

    Concern for the environment: Commitment to environmentally sustainable business practices that protect future generations.

  • Savouring the pleasures of gastronomy, cooking and the Culinary Arts.

    Innovation: fostering continuous improvement and innovation to achieve maximum quality.

    Teamwork: encouraging the participation of everyone to achieve a common objective, sharing information and knowledge.

  • Ethical conduct: acting with professionalism, moral integrity, loyalty and respect towards humankind.

    Respect for and openness to cultural diversity: The Cook & Chef Institute does its utmost to immerse itself in the culture and traditions of each country in which it is present.